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The Xperia XZ Premium will start shipping in Germany on June 1

German O2 subscribers could be in for a treat in little over a months' time. O2 Germany has told press that the Xperia XZ Premium will begin shipping to users on June 1. This date has been quoted by Amazon in the UK as well. Interestingly the German branch of O2 doesn't even have the Xperia XZ Premium listed on its website yet, although there's more than a month until June 1. There's no word on tariffs yet or if the new Bronze Pink color option will be available to O2 customers, but we'll keep you updated. Source

HTC U11 is getting new Edge Sense features, teaser video reveals

You may already know that one of the biggest differentiating features for the U11, at least in HTC's view, is called Edge Sense. This is what allows you to simply squeeze the phone's sides in order to perform certain actions, like launching applications for example. Today the Taiwanese smartphone maker has outed a video that teases an upcoming expansion of the Edge Sense functionality. HTC wants you to know that it's still thinking of ways to improve this aspect of its flagship device. So, in the future you'll be able to squeeze your U11 in order to zoom inside Google Maps and...

Xiaomi reveals DeepExposure AI algorithm to restore details and colors in poorly exposed photos

It’s been few quarters, since then Xiaomi has improved its gadgets scanner modules a large amount. Their multiple gadgets launched this year have garnered excellent ratings from DxOmark. The newest device to acquire this kind of rating is Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 what carries 12 megapixels +12 megapixel key digital camera on the rear facet even though a 24 megapixel + 2-megapixel sensors sit on the front facet. Presently, Xiaomi has posted its fresh algorithm DeepExposure AI what helps to restore poorly exposed pics. Xiaomi reveals deepexposure ai algorithm to restore details and colors in poorly exposed photos Most of the mobile cameras have the problem of poorly exposing pics if the light is brighter or it is too dark. Hardly, except handful of manufacturers, with no one has obtained any success of eliminating the poorly exposed pics. Today, Xiaomi has unveiled DeepExposure AI algorithm what will help balance your Pictures with proper lighting and details. Xioami has employed AI to fix this problem! to more than or underexposed photos. Xiaomi’s DeepExposure balance the exposure by dividing the photo into subfragments and then the exposure price tag of each fragment is adjusted separately. Last but not least, alternative areas are merged to form the final picture. You could have a look at the in general process in the image below. “The correct exposure is the major of capturing high-quality pics in computational photography, especially for mobile smartphones that are limited by sizes of digital camera modules,” the researchers wrote. “Inspired by luminosity masks usually applied by professional photographers, in this paper, we develop a novel algorithm for learning local exposures with deep reinforcement adversarial learning.” The new algorithm divides the whole process into image segmentation and “action-generation” stage. After segmentation, the second part starts with input low-resolution, sub-images, and direct fusion of the image takes place. All the pics are processed with each’s local and global exposures. The fresh algorithm is created in Google’s TensorFlow framework on a Nvidia P40 Tesla GPU. Xiaomi team used the pics in the MIT-Adobe FiveK dataset.

OnePlus updates its trade-in program ahead of OnePlus 6 announcement

OnePlus will announce the 6 next week in London and the company has updated its trade-in program landing page in anticipation. Those who want to trade in their current OnePlus devices to get credit towards the upcoming OnePlus 6 will be able to begin the registration process now. The bad news is that only European residents can participate in the trade-in program. The program is available for those markets in Europe that user either of the following three currencies: Euro, Swedish Krona, and British Pound. The max amount offered for a trade-in is €280 (about $330) depending on the model...

Samsung Galaxy S9 sales in South Korea exceed 1 million

Samsung has officially confirmed that over a million Galaxy S9/S9+ units have been sold in its home country of South Korea. This is the first time the company has revealed sales figure for its latest flagships. The Galaxy S9 series was launched on March 16, so it took the company exactly two months to reach the milestone. For comparisonthe Galaxy S8 series hit the 1 million mark in just 37 days. There's no information on how many Galaxy S9 units have been sold globally by the company. Samsung has just added two more Galaxy S9 color options: Sunrise Gold and Burgundy Red. Via