Redmi Note 9 series might be missed in China

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The Redmi Note 9 Pro and Redmi Note 9 Pro Max models have gone formal in India. The Note 9 series smartphones with some thrilling options as big-sized displays, large-sized batteries, 64-megapixel quad digital cameras and much more.

Even though the Redmi Note 9 Pro duo went formal in India like Lte phones, there have been speculations that the Redmi Note 9 series for China will have 5G-ready smartphones. But, a new Weibo post from Redmi General Manager Lu Weibing offer that the manufacturer could skip the Redmi Note 9 series in China.

Redmi Note 9 series could be skipped in China

Weibing has claimed that the company is presently focused on leading 5G products in China. Although the Redmi Note 9 Pro and Note 9 Pro Max are feature-rich budget-friendly smartphones with 4G support, they are only aimed towards overseas market. In additional words, Those smartphones are not planned for the Chinese markets.

Redmi is currently focused on the release of the up coming Redmi K30 Pro 5G smartphone. The similar release date of the smartphone is currently under the wraps. Regrettably, it is coming to go official by the end of this month.

Redmi’s focus on 5G products for the home market offer that the manufacturer may perhaps need to launch the Note series smartphones with 5G support. Thus, it appears to be that the Redmi Note 9 series will be skipped and there may be aims to launch Redmi Note 10 series 5G support. The Note 10 lineup will be arriving as the 10th anniversary Redmi smartphones from the manufacturer.

Weibing has In addition said in other Weibo post that the company will be not only announcing the Redmi K30 Pro at the next release meeting, however In addition it will debut everything else. Last year, the Chinese firm had introduced RedmiBook 14 at the Redmi K20 Pro. It remains to be seen whether the company announces new Redmi laptops or some other gadgets at the K30 Pro uncover event.


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