Redmi K20 Pro Extra special Edition Gold full image leaks

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Calling the Redmi K20 Pro one of the best products on the market wouldn’t be an overstatement. As it stands, the device is a testament to how far one could push the envelope whenever it comes to mid-range pricing. It’s a phenomenally respectable device, even with the value out of the equation, with no key flaws and very handful of minor flaws on top of that. So, it makes sense that Xiaomi and Redmi would want to capitalize on this.

Special Edition Gold Redmi K20 Pro

Yesterday, the company teased a little segment of a device with vibrant gold sheen. Presently, we’ve obtained leaks that unveil the product to be similar what we believed it was. Redmi is making a fresh limited edition Redmi K20 Pro version with a gold colour scheme, and for once the garish gold doesn’t watch too bad.

The report moreover claims that this variant will go on sale in India INR 480,000 ($7000). We have with no idea which sort of gold is going into this to jack up the price to $7000, however we’re not same huge fans. Is there really even a point to the product if it’s so high-priced? We’re not entirely Indeed, however at the Really least, the device isn’t ludicrously ugly as a lot of gold devices are.

In terms of specs, this gold Redmi K20 Pro is Very a lot similar the same like your usual Redmi K20 Pro. All the great technical specs are yet here, alongside with superior attributes and design, just for a Plenty higher price point. There’s essentially no reason to purchase this device, just as there’s never been any reason to buy ludicrously high-cost gadget. But, it exists, and we assume there’s probably a market for individuals things somewhere in the world.


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