Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 1000 chip may fight Intel in the ultrabook market

June 1st, 2018   decode   news

Yesterday we heard that Qualcomm is building a Snapdragon 850 chipset for ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops, but it won’t stop there. The company is looking to hire people to work on Snapdragon 1000 chips, which will directly take on Intel’s Core processors.

As with the 850, they will use the larger physical size of laptops to push their TDP higher. A Snapdragon 845 tops out at around 5 W while the CPU of the 1000 chip alone will use 6.5 W. Taking the GPU into account, the final number will be higher.

For comparison, a dual-core (quad thread) Pentium 4410Y is rated at 6 W and runs at…

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