Qualcomm to announce two other Snapdragon 63x models alongside 660

May 5th, 2017   decode   news

Qualcomm will be holding an event on May 9 to announce its Snapdragon 660 chipset as per the event invitations (in Chinese) that were sent to the press. The Snapdragon 660 will ultimately succeed the 652, but two other chip models will be announced at the event, according to two leakers on Twitter.

I think you’ll like what Qualcomm wants to show you on May 8/9, if you liked what they did with the SD65x and SD625.— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) May 4, 2017

We’ve seen leaks from Quandt before, and they’ve proven to be reliable. We’ve been seeing more rumors leaked by @mmddj_china as of…

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