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Oppo R9s Plus spotted on AnTuTu with Snapdragon 653

After the Oppo R9s, now the R9s Plus has also been spotted on AnTuTu, revealing some of its key specs. According to the benchmark listing, the Plus variant is powered by Snapdragon 653 SoC and has 6GB of RAM. Rest of the R9s Plus specs revealed by AnTuTu are same as that of the R9s: full HD display, 16MP/16MP camera combo, and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Rumors say the Plus variant will sport a 6-inch screen, compared to 5.5-inch for the standard model. Both devices are set to be made official tomorrow - October 19.


YouTube Kids app getting disabled automatically for those not in supported regions

A weird, YouTube TV-related issue has come to light. The service's Android app is getting automatically disabled for users who are in a region where the service isn't officially available yet. A lot of users are complaining that the app icon disappears from the app drawer on their device. Although it comes back when you enable the app from its Play Store listing, the problem again rears its ugly head after sometime. What makes things strange is the fact that many users who reside in an officially supported region (say the US) and are traveling to an unsupported region are also...

Xiaomi and OnePlus join Samsung to poke fun at Apple for getting rid of the iPhone charger

Apple‘s decision to remove the charging adapter from the iPhone 12 and other models have been got with assorted reaction. Even though the Cupertino-based company based the decision on environmental conservation efforts, most persons have spoken up against the decision peculiarly like the has not introduced a smartphone with USB-C to lightning adapter in the past. The backlash has not only arrive from fans as even rival cameraphone manufacturers have Furthermore caught up with the criticism, taking a subtle dig at Apple although offering their brand.

Samsung week ago tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy series smartphones continue to ship with a power adapter what is a reference to Apple. Xiaomi joined the trolling train, due to Xiaomi Spain. A tweet in Spanish translates thus; Good-looking Morning #MiFans, today we dreamed that our phones arrived without a charger in the box. Fortunately, it was just a nightmare”. This is certainly a swipe at Apple’s controversial decision. Even OnePlus joined the party during the launch of the OnePlus 8T. During the event, the manufacturer showed a scene in what the OnePlus 8T charger is expected out of the phone’s box. The Oneplus exec who hosted the release event then laid emphasis on the fact that the smartphone will ship with a 65W adapter for free even though it price the manufacturer twice the price tag of the previous adapter to manufacture this one. Even though some will commend Apple for playing its part in saving our planet, there are individuals who argue that the decision will going lead to far more shipping and packaging due to the fact users will have to order the accessories separately. However, viewing it from Apple’s perspective as it relates to environmental conservation, we can’t help however commend the company.

Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch brings Android Wear 2.0 and a touch of class

From smartWATCH to SMARTwatch - Emporio Armani, the youth-minded branch of the Armani brand, is back with a new watch, this time with all the smarts of Android Wear 2.0. And today we get a preview of the Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatch. The original had no screen or OS. It was more Withings-like - an analog watch with a connected dial that displayed your activity throughout the day (e.g. steps taken). The upcoming model - set to launch September 24 - maintains the classic look with a round screen, a crown and two side buttons. It will have exchangeable watch straps,...

Leaked images of the Meizu E2 show an usual flash

The Meizu E2 will be officially unveiled this Wednesday, so consider this a sneak preview. Leaked images show the metal chassis of the upcoming mid-ranger and a very unorthodox flash. It features four LEDs of alternating cool and warm colors that are arranged in a straight line. We're not sure what's the reasoning behind this arrangement, though it does lie neatly on the top antenna line. Perhaps not drilling a hole in the metal for the flash improves the rigidity? Or maybe it's just a design thing? Anyway, the rest of Meizu E2's back fits neatly into the company's lineup (though most...