Qualcomm Quick Charge to embrace wireless chargers presently

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Qualcomm has launched Quick Charge on almost every supported mobile gadgets. They are offering high speed charging solutions for phones from the past couple of several years. Qualcomm Quick Charge has been evolved a large amount in the past few years. The newest iteration aka Quick Charge 4 could charge 50% device in just 15 minutes. Presently, Qualcomm is set to embrace the wireless chargers with Quick Charge technology.

At an event here at MWC 2019, Qualcomm made some announcements related to 5G, AR, VR, IoT, and Mobile. Among them, Qualcomm mentioned about the wireless Fast Charge tech, which will allow compliant wireless chargers and devices to obtain benefits of Quick Charge wireless tech. The new tech will ultimately debut the era of fast and seamless wireless chargers. Even, the manufacturers are inevitably likely to benefit from it as most of the phones come with Qualcomm Quick Charge support.
Qualcomm quick charge to embrace wireless chargers presently

Already, Quick Charge 4 supports 18W charge and Qualcomm 4+ 27 W. Currently, the next version is promising 32W rapid quick charging support. It will benefit almost every manufacturer who is searching for ways to improve wireless charging across their products. Qualcomm’s announcement of up coming quick wireless charging would have included a sign of relief to manufacturers.

Presently products such as, Google Pixel 3, Huawei Mate 20, Razer Smartphone 2 supports fast wireless charging of 10W-15W. Even though, Xiaomi’s new Mi 9 has just released with the support for 20W non-Qi wireless charging.

Speaking at the occasion, Qualcomm said that that they want the manufacturers to support Quick Charge following Qi compatibility. The chipset maker is expanding compliance program to make sure that Quick Charge backed products meet Qualcomm’s standards along with Qi Wireless charging In addition.

As of currently, Qualcomm didn’t give detail about the charging speeds or any technical numbers to guess the level of wireless Fast charge tech. Even though, featuring both the Qualcomm Quick Charge and Qi wireless charging standards, Xaomi has noted wireless charging pad couple of days ago. These pads will be sold with the Xiaomi Mi 9.


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