Qualcomm embeds Sd X55 in home routers to bring 5G to PCs and TVs

October 15th, 2019   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

While couple of companies have been working towards leading 5G connectivity to phones, Qualcomm has designed a unique solution what will extend the achieve of 5G to a variety of other devices including TVs and PCs. On the 14th of October, Qualcomm sent out a press launch what reveals that its fresh solution combines 5G and Wi-Fi 6 to give Fixed Wireless Open (FWA) home gateways.

Qualcomm brings Snapdragon X55

In simpler words, routers co-developed with Qualcomm will accept a 5G SIM card they will be capable of supporting high-speed data transfer what is observed with 5G compatible smartphones. Like of presently, extra than 30 OEMs have partnered with Qualcomm to develop 5G compatible FWA home gateways, few of which have Nokia, LG, Samsung Electronics, ZTE and Netgear.

Qualcomm brings Snapdragon X55 2

Regardless of the maker, all routers co-developed with Qualcomm will incorporate the Sd X55 5G modem and RF system (radio frequency) created by the American company. Due to the fact the previously stated OEMs have a global reach, it would be fair to conclude that Snapdragon X55-powered 5G FWAs will be commercially out there by upcoming year in the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Not only are individuals products best for urban parts but their implementation makes perfect sense in rural or remote sections wherever ISPs have yet not set up wired broadband infrastructure because of to jarring terrain or a limited number of potential customers. Therefore, the achieve of high-speed internet can be done rapidly and economically with this technology.

Besides, individuals FWA home gateways might allow telecommunication companies to unify their broadband infrastructure. Last but not least, this solution will compete DSL, passive optical networking (PON) providers, and cable broadband (DOCSIS).


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