Pocophone F1 to be the fastest handset in its class, Snapdragon 845 confirmed

August 11th, 2018   decode   news

Two days ago Xiaomi teased the arrival of its new sub-brand POCO to India and now the company is teasing the Pocophone F1 itself. As mentioned before, it’s believed to be the cheapest Snapdragon 845-powered phone on the market and recent teasers come to confirm that, focusing on its performance.

“Not just peak performance speed, but actual, real world, speed.” #GoPOCO #GlobalPocophone Learn more…https://t.co/t9hjnn0jwj pic.twitter.com/6a1mDtxEba— Mi (@xiaomi) August 11, 2018

Meanwhile, a POCOPHONE Global Facebook page has gone live and started teasing the smartphone with Qualcomm…

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