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PlayStation 5 hit by a bug that causes games to get stuck whereas downloading

The newly released gaming console by Sony, PlayStation 5 has been hitten by a bug that prevents a gentle download of games and apps.

This download glitch is reflected in the prompt “Queued for Download” or error state when a user wants to make a download. For currently, the only temporary solution is to reset the console to factory options.

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The glitch has been experienced by handful of users of the console, and it is noted that it occurs whenever the console is set for its initial download. It is rumoured that there is either an error in the download or the game or app being chosen by the user for download will show the message: Queued for Download. Both notifications give a prompt to check the Downloads menu, what remains empty.

Like a fallout of this download glitch, the console becomes annoyingly stuck and temporarily demobilized with respect to the download. A check on the PS5 library will show that the user owns the game/app although the PS5 Store yet says the user is still to get the app/game.

Some of the well known games affected by those download glitches are Godfall, Spider-Man, Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (the announced PS4 version might be downloaded with no any hitches) and the Disney+ app, among others.

From the news thus far, the download glitches only affected games and applications that were specific to the PS5.

Sony has not launched any declaration still on the issue. However Activision publisher of Call of Duty recommends a factory reset for any user who encounters this bug. This solved the problem for numerous of the users. Of course, undertaking a factory reset wipes the console clean, meaning one has to download his games afresh, as nicely as begin playing from scratch. However, for presently, this appears to be the only way out of the problem.