Pixel 4a in leacked video review reveals specification: Sd 730 soc, 3080mAh battery

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Upcoming Pixel phones are usually the worst-kept secrets

. Last year’s Pixel 3a flowed out several months prior its release. Even the Pixel 3 leaked multiple times months prior it introduced. Presently it is the switch of the Pixel 4a which has surfaced in a full hands-on video review that leaves out nothing.

Pixel 4a in leacked video review reveals specs Snapdragon 730 soc, 3080mAh battery

The Pixel 4a hands-on video review was posted on the YouTube Channel, TechnoLike Plus. The video not only displays us the gadget but Furthermore shows all its specification.


Pixel 4a design

The Pixel 4a in the video is the black variant. Just as the Pixel 3a, it is In addition covered in polycarbonate. The smartphone has a punch-hole in the top left corner that houses the selfie camera. This is far from the smallest punch-hole we have seen on a phone however I prefer it to the thick bezels of the Pixel 3a. There are still bezels about the panel but they are Quite slim and even on all sides.

On the back, the Pixel 3a has the exactly squircle camera bump as the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL but it houses a single camera and the LED flash. Even with in-display fingerprint sensors being outstanding Those days, Google has placed that of the Pixel 4a on the back of the phone.

The Pixel 4a has a white power button on the left side of the cameraphone just above the quantity rocker what itself has the exact same color as the rest of the device. There is an audio jack at the top of the smartphone even though a USB Type-C port sits at the backside.

Pixel 4a specs

Approaching to the specification of the phone, the Pixel 4a has a 5.81-inch display with a 1080 x 2340 resolution. Unfortunately, there is with no high refresh rate Below, so all you obtain is 60Hz.

The reviewer runs AIDA64 to indicated the specifications of the cameraphone and it shows there is a Snapdragon 730 chipset under the hood. The 8nm cpu is the exactly chipset that powers the Redmi K20. There is 6GB of RAM; 2GB far more than that of the Pixel 3a and Pi

xel 3a XL. But, there is only 64GB of storage. Seriously Google?

Coming to optics, the rear digital camera is a 12MP scanner with support for 4K video recording. The selfie camera remains an 8MP sensor just like that of its predecessor however it has video stabilization.

What is surprising is that the Pixel 4a arrives with dual SIM support, unlike the Pixel 3a that has a single SIM tray. The smartphone sports a 3080mAh battery capacity which is just a slight bump more than the Pixel 3’s 3000mAh battery. It runs Android 10 out of the box.

Pixel 4a price

The reviewer reveals the cameraphone is literally in the world for buy presently in Cuba for 500 Cuban Peso which converts to about USD 499. There is even a WhatsApp number to text if you need to purchase a piece. How is this even legal due to the fact the smartphone is still, to launch?

The Pixel 3a was reported in Might last year. Google may decide to announce its successor noted because Google I/0 2020 has been canceled.

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