OPPO Reno (SD710 variant) has an unusual pop-up digital camera prove case renders

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The OPPO Reno has been trending ever because it was first revealed a number of weeks ago. The cameraphone which is scheduled for an April 10 launch is said to mark the beginning of a fresh direction for OPPO phones. There have been much of details about the phone since the announcement with a large chunk originating from OPPO’s own VP, Brian Shen. Few of these details include renders of the Snapdragon 855 version of the cameraphone but Presently, we receive to view renders of the Snapdragon 710 version which shows the smartphone will have an unusual pop-up selfie camera design.


Vivo is the pioneer of the pop-up selfie digital camera design with the NEX A and NEX S phones. Far more manufacturers have adopted the design and even changed its dimensions and the position the digital camera slides out from. However the OPPO Reno takes the design to a new level.


The selfie digital camera on the OPPO Reno arrives out at an inclined angle (rough estimate 30°). It is unlike anything we have seen and we are eager to see it in person. The renders also reveal the front-facing camera will have an LED flash and the housing holds the earpiece too. Whenever closed, the speaker pumps out sound via the five holes on the frame of the cameraphone.


The OPPO Reno has vertically stacked dual rear digital cameras so-called to be a 48MP primary digital camera paired with a 5MP depth digital camera. The selfie digital camera itself is a 16MP digital camera. There is an audio jack and a USB type-C port at the backside of the cameraphone. There is with no fingerprint sensor on the back what means it is under the panel.


The Sd 855 version of the OPPO Reno will come with three cameras – the third being a periscope zoom lens with 10x zoom.



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