OPPO Reno comes with VOOC 3.0 fast charging

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OPPO‘s SuperVOOC quick charging technology is unarguably the fastest fast charge technology for cameraphones Today. Even though OPPO is launching car chargers with the supersonic SuperVOOC function, the company has disclosed that the technology will not be on the upcoming OPPO Reno. Instead, the Reno will have the latest VOOC 3.0 tech.
OPPO Reno comes with VOOC 3.0

The OPPO’s VP established this on Friday in a Weibo article, offering few reasons why the Reno cannot have SuperVOOC technology. As claimed by to him, SuperVOOC has specific requirements regarding the physical dimensions of the battery and space of the phone’s sections. Reno does not seem to meet individuals requirements instead, it arrives with big battery capacity and the dimensions could be too thin which would deliver the components to be compacted. The quick charging tech will be fueled by VOOC 3.0. Bryan Shen unveiled that the fresh VOOC 3.0 uses a completely new tech what brings the total charging time to 23.8% faster than the existing VOOC 2.0. The VOOC fast charging technology is based on a small voltage pulse algorithm and customized super battery developed by the manufacturer. The charging technology churns out 20W of power just such as OnePlus’s Dash Charge and lets you recharge your phone from 0 – 75% in 30 minutes.


OPPO’s flight to the limelight in the cameraphone industry was perhaps propelled by the VOOC flash charge tech that it used on its phones. The manufacturer took the bar higher whenever it released the Super VOOC Flash Charge technology at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. The technology only found its way to the Discover X Lamborghini edition that was launched last year. Notably, the Find X Lamborghini edition sports a 3,400mAh battery whereas the Reno is said to have a 4064mAh battery under its hood. Super VOOC could charge a 2500mAh battery in just 15 minutes or up to 45% in just 5 minutes. That is super fast and so, the manufacturer might have played safe by not using the tech on the Reno due to the fact it is not suited for massive batteries. We anticipate the VOOC 3.0 to offer a quick charging performance that is almost on par with SuperVOOC, though.


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