Oppo R17 Neo launches in Japan: its first phone with in-display fingerprint reader

October 30th, 2018   decode   news

Japan often gets cool tech gadgets first, but not this time – it just got its first phone with an in-display fingerprint reader and it’s late to that particular party. The phone itself is quite interesting – the Oppo R17 Neo.

For the most part it’s based on the Oppo R17. That means a 6.4″ AMOLED display with a teardrop notch and 1080p+ resolution, which houses the fingerprint reader in question. The back is painted in two new gradient colors.

The computational power of the phone took a bit of a hit. The Oppo R17 Neo has a Snapdragon 660 chipset (down from S670) with 4GB of RAM (down…

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