oppo files patent for a foldable smartwatch

OPPO files patent for a foldable smartwatch

Foldable smartphones are just starting to gain momentum even though none is still to go commercial. But, we have seen number of of them as Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi’s and a couple of others. Whereas we await the full rollout of foldable smartphones commercially, OPPO is presently attempting to create a storm with a foldable smartwatch. The BBK subsidiary week ago filed for a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) late last year. The patent entitled ‘Wearable electronic device’ was published in September 2018 and describes a smartwatch with a flexible screen.OPPO foldable smartwatch

OPPO files patent for a foldable smartwatch

As could be seen from the sketch, the patented Oppo smartwatch has a usual watch strap and a rectangular-shaped display. A special include of this smartwatch is that the panel module is foldable so that the user has a bigger display area within with no time if desired. The design will suit both these who prefer wearing their watch on the left or right hand. Whenever worn on the instantly hand, the foldable display extends into the wrist even though the left hand extends into the back of the palm. These types of a design will assure the screen will get some main support and won’t be hanging in the air.OPPO foldable smartwatch

OPPO files patent for a foldable smartwatch 2

The smartwatch has two modes; a folded and unfolded mode. When unfolded, the display area is increased by up to 200%, giving you up to 3 times extra screen space. The user interface also changes depending on the mobile device being used. In the folded position the more panel part is stored in the watch case, inside the main display. The watch case has a recessed groove from what the panel can slide out. The folding process is entirely automatic.

OPPO files patent for a foldable smartwatch 3

There is with no reports if OPPO has seriously obtained a foldable smartwatch in development. The company has not still unveiled a foldable smartphone. So, we don’t see a foldable smartwatch coming out any time soon.