Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition introduced

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Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition has just been officially launched. The flagship cameraphone has been released along 4 cool themed accessories, which are based around the iconic Anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition launched

The Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition is basically identical to the native Ace2, however with a special aesthetical design based around the anime. It options the iconic color scheme of the series’ EVA (giant man controlled mechas/robots) with a purple major on top of what angular green stripes and branding are etched. This design is Furthermore mirrored in the protective case that is also valued along the smartphone. Notably, the box in which the cameraphone arrives in is In addition an easter egg in the form of a white capsule.

Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition launched 2

Alongside the phone, the Chinese technology giant is moreover offering a bunch of another limited edition peripherals. This is made up of an Enco W31 TWS earbuds, Oppo Air VOOC wireless charger, Oppo Watch, and a fresh Band like well. Individuals products Additionally function special aesthetics based about the indicated and are also in the world in limited quantities. The Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition is priced at 4,399 Yuan (roughly $614) and only has 10,000 units available.

Oppo Ace2 EVA Edition launched 3

The Oppo Enco W31 TWS earbuds will be out there for 399 Yuan (roughly $55) although the Oppo Watch and Air VOOC Wireless Charger will go for 2,199 Yuan and 299 Yuan (roughly $307 and $41) respectively.

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