OnePlus publishes 2017 annual report: revenues and sales on the rise

January 30th, 2018   decode   news

OnePlus posted an infographic detailing its busy 2017. The company’s revenues doubled to $1.4 billion as phone sales grew 55% compared to 2016. OnePlus sells its phones in 32 countries and supports 24 languages and it had the #1 selling phone on Elisa, Finland’s top carrier.

The OnePlus community boasts over 1.3 billion members with user registrations growing more than twofold since 2016. Fans met IRL in 40 pop-up events – with a combined 19,400 people waiting in line.

OnePlus has 776 employees spread across 18 countries. Fueled by over 18,000 cups of coffee, they worked over…

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