OnePlus 6T to arrive with a 3700mAh battery!

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Oneplus 6t to arrive with a 3700mah battery!

A ton of guys weren’t happy after OnePlus earlier its upcoming flagship, the OnePlus 6T would not have an audio jack. But, OnePlus said the removal of the audio jack would bring benefits in most components one of which is the battery.

A live photo of a battery alleged to be that of the OnePlus 6T has flowed out and the markings on the battery reveal it has a ability of 3700mAh (rated 3610mAh). If this is genuine, this will deliver the OnePlus 6T the OnePlus phone with the largest battery capacity.

The OnePlus 6 has a 3300mAh battery so there should be a significant upgrade in battery life. The bigger battery will Furthermore mean that the telephone takes a little longer to purchase fully charged. Nevertheless, there is an upside to the OnePlus 6T ditching the audio jack. Now let us hope OnePlus surprises us with full water resistance.

Apart in having a larger battery, the OnePlus 6T will come with a waterdrop notch which means it will have a higher screen-to-body-ratio than the OnePlus 6. The cameraphone will In addition arrive with an in-display fingerprint scanner and dual rear cameras.

The cameraphone is set to launch on October 17 and will be an Amazon-exclusive product in India.

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