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Samsung Galaxy S6 might has impresive SAR

It’s not something the average consumer usually thinks of when deciding on which smartphone to buy, but the SAR rating of a mobile device is still an important feature. It’s the rating that denotes the radiation levels (radio frequency energy) of a smartphone, and all smartphones need to have a SAR value less than or below 1.6 watts per kilogram (though this can vary depending on country) to be considered safe enough for human use. When it comes to the Galaxy S6 Edge, it seems this often overlooked feature might actually be one of its most important – according to the support pages that went online today, the S6 Edge’s SAR rating for Europe is extremely low at 0.306 W/Kg, lower than any other flagship currently on the market. (more…)

Infographic: The Path to Google Pixels

No, this isn't the next edition of Counterclockwise, but it may as well be. Yesterday we saw the introduction of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL and their price may have brought you back to the time when cheap but powerful Nexus phones were available. Of course Android's 10 year long history didn't start with the Nexus. The infographic below (created by Hometop) is a timeline of the best Google phones. Did you know that the Nexus S was the first smartphone certified by NASA to go on the International Space Station? And it wasn't the last Google phone to go to the final frontier. That and...

Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro hands-on review

The new Mate 20 and 20 Pro duo not only packs the first 7nm Android chipset - the cutting-edge Kirin 980 chip with a brand new NPU, but it also revamps the iconic Leica camera.

Photos show an iPhone fast charger with USB-C

These blurry photos purport to show the new Apple charger for iPhones. It's just an engineering sample, but it could bring two major improvements - USB-C and fast charging. The charger outputs either 5V at 3A (15W) or 9V at 2A (18W). That's a massive jump over the lowly 5W charger that is bundled with the current Apple phones, including the $1000 iPhone X. Even the 12W iPad charger is slower than this one. Apple fast charger with a USB-C port, an engineering sample This power comes out of a USB-C port, which also means that buyers will get a USB-C to Lightning cable in the...

Redmi’s 48MP digital camera cameraphone photos revealed by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun

The Redmi brand by Xiaomi is gearing up to represent a new cameraphone on Jan. 10. The rumor mill has been referring to it with alternative names this sort of as Redmi Pro 2, Redmi 7 Pro and Redmi 7. A dedicated page for a new Redmi phone called Redmi X has shown on Hence, it is currently being speculated that the Redmi cameraphone with 48-megapixel camera launching on Jan. 10 may be called Redmi X. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has shared fresh photographs to reveal the rear design of the alleged Redmi X smartphone. Redmi’s 48mp digital camera cameraphone photos revealed by xiaomi ceo lei jun Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has claimed that the Here photos are not renders, however actual photographs of the upcoming Redmi cameraphone. The cameraphone attributes 2.5D glass on the front and rear angles which is refreshing design in comparison to polycarbonate and metallic bodied predecessor models. The handset will come in Black and two colour gradient versions. Redmi’s 48mp digital camera cameraphone photos revealed by xiaomi ceo lei jun The vertical dual digital camera placed on the rear attributes a 48-megapixel primary digital camera. The high-end camera of the phone will allow it to make topnotch photography experience at night. A fingerprint camera is placed on the rear side of the cameraphone and a USB-C port may perhaps be present between a pair of external speakers on the bottom edge of the product. Previous reports have revealed that the smartphone will be equipped with 6.3-inch display and 4,000mAh battery. Yesterday, Redmi had introduced an formal video to tease the durability of the glass frame of the alleged Redmi X what is codenamed as “Little King Kong.” The video showed that the glass chassis of the smartphone remained intact even whenever it was stamped on it. Presently, the Chinese brand another video to show the strength of the glass body of the smartphone. The above video reveals a woman with high heels trampling the display of the alleged Redmi X. Still once again, the handset emerges unscathed. Apart from the details stated over, there is no information in the world on the other specifications of the smartphone.