Nokia 7.1 Plus (X7) price revealed by China Telecom, available next week

October 15th, 2018   decode   news

The last Nokia 7.1 Plus details have been revealed thanks to China Telecom. The phone will be unveiled tomorrow and will be available on October 23 (next week’s Tuesday). Available under the name Nokia X7, of course.

It will cost CNY 2,700 – $390/€335. The Nokia 7.1 is not available in China, but the Nokia 7 Plus it replaces goes for CNY 2,300. In Europe the Nokia 7 Plus is more expensive also, €400, and the 7.1 Plus is €340 (with higher European taxes included).

Nokia X7 (7.1 Plus) images • User manual

The Nokia X7 will have a dual SIM slot that can accept SIM + microSD…

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