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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ get sized up against other handsets on video

The avalanche of Galaxy S8 content is pretty much out of control at this point. We've had rumors, leaks, live shots and renders, specs sheets and benchmarks, you name it. Even the occasional video. Now, you can add one more clip to the list, a pretty daring one, to say the least. Apparently, we have now reached a saturation point so odd that the relative size comparison footage, we have for you today, is not only of immaculate quality and not shot in an alley somewhere, but it actually looks like a proper review, more than anything else. Apparently, quite a few Chinese...

LG G6 to start shipping in UK on April 28

People in the United Kingdom finally have an idea when the LG G6 would be in stock and available for purchase. Clove UK has the G6 listed for £649 and expects stock to be available on April 28. CarphoneWarehouse has a registration page for the LG G6 but doesn't give an availability date. As for the rest of Europe the G6 will carry a price of €749 and will go on sale sometime in April. Source

Xiaomi crowdfunds a super Tiny 1.2L Mini Cooker for 99 Yuan ($14)

Xiaomi is known for its Mijia Rice cookers in China and we have heard few actually good stuff When it comes the way it cooks rice. Given that rice forms a primary part of a meal in Asian countries, smart rice cookers are only likely to be a lot more well known among people in the coming years. Xiaomi now has three rice cooker sizes available, with the largest one featuring 4L capacity even though the smallest one with 3L ability. The cheapest one goes for around $55, what is Quite decent. However, if you are someone living in China and don’t eat a ton of rice, spending $50 in a smart rice cooker might not have made sense. Currently, it could. Xiaomi crowdfunds a super tiny 1.2l mini cooker for 99 yuan () Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform, Youpin has just listed a fresh electric smart rice cooker. Which makes it special is its super compact size, featuring a ability of just 1.2L. This is enough for 1-2 guys and if you are a bachelor or a couple, this might just be suitable. The formal description says that the OCooker (that’s the name of the mini cooker) can make up to 3 bowls of rice at once. The mini rice cooker arrives with a built-in NTC temperature digital camera for proper temperature measurements, real time rice cooking temperature monitoring, and 300W low power consumption. Unlike the Mijia rice cookers, which can be a bit complicated to perform, the OCooker’s control display is Quite straightforward with options such as cooking mode, porridge mode, timer, one button cooking, and a basic heating mode. For 99 Yuan ($14) this could just be what you were looking for. You can read additional When it comes the OCooker in the source below.

WhatsApp will soon let you share any type of file

Facebook-owned WhatsApp isn't really known for quickly adding new features, unlike Facebook-owned Instagram or even Facebook Messenger. But WhatsApp is currently testing some new functionality that is sure to be welcome by its many users. When this goes live for everyone, you'll be able to send any type of file to your contacts or groups. That's a marked improvement compared to what the situation is now: while you can send files, you're limited to specific types, like PDFs, Word documents, spreadsheets, and slides. It's unclear why this limitation has existed so far, but the good...

Watch three camera tips for the Galaxy S8 in a minute

Got a minute and a Galaxy S8 or S8+? Well, here are some helpful tips on what you can achieve with the camera. Obviously, you can snap photos of your lunch and use Food mode to spruce up the image. But choosing what to eat in the first place can be tough - or you could just ask Bixby pick out what goes best with your favorite wine. And finally, the fast autofocus is always a treat.