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Moto G5S and G5S Plus go official with improved cameras

Motorola's new mid-rangers went official today - the Moto G5S and the Moto G5S Plus. The duo is an incremental upgrade over the Moto G5 and the Moto G5 Plus that debuted at the MWC back in February, bringing more capable cameras and a few other minor niceties Moto G5S The phone comes with 5.2" screen of Full HD resolution. There is a fingerprint scanner/home button that sits below on the front panel. Just like the Moto G5, Motorola Moto G5S runs on Snapdragon 430 with an octa-core CPU. There is 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage, but Moto included a hybrid microSD slot for up to...

GT King Amlogic 922 thermal mod

Presently I'm heading to show you how to lower your CPU temps with 10 to 15 degrees on your GT King 922x Amlogic. We presently reviewed this Amlogic 922 monster and as you can look at the max temp was 71 degree. Let's see what will get whenever making the thermal mod. So initial we require to open the package. It's quite easy - no screws just use few thin tools like guitar pic to remove the bottom back. GT-King-Amlogic-922-box-opened Then unscrew the board and you'll see the Chip metal cover which contact with the base heat sink with few strange sponge thermal pad. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-cpu-cover On the opposite side of Chip cover wee view that the Amlogic 922 was not contacting great. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-cpu-cover-compound And as you can view the heat sink has some good colors what means that high temps are beeing. GT-King-Amlogic-922-heat-sink

So which we need?

GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-what-needed - a copper Heatsink 20mmx20mmx1.2mm - Silicon Thermal Pad 100x100x2mm - Arctic MX-4 thermal compound

Let's started.

Initial clean the old thermal paste. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-cpu We won't use the Processor metallic cover so just leave it. Now apply a drop of Arctic MX-4 thermal compound on the Amlogic 922. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-mx-4 Then place the copper Thermal pad over it. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod-copper-pad Presently cut the Silicon Thermal Pad exact same size like copper one and apply it above. GT-King-Amlogic-922-thermal-mod We are prepared to put the package areas together. Whenever we've done it's time to test which we've achieved. let's run Antutu test. GT-King-Amlogic-922-max-temp And presently we view that the temps not exceed 54-56 degree after on stock we had 71-degree max. So we've dome excellent work only for 15min work :) Note: This thermal mod won't increase your CPU score however won't let it to throttling whenever you play games for example! If you as our thermal mod please share it with your friends.

Here are the European prices for the Moto G6 and E5 families

Motorola just announced the new Moto G and Moto E series smartphones and we already have some information for consumers in Europe. Dutch retailer Belsimpel has all the new phones listed (save for the Moto E5 Play which is US only) complete with prices and availability info. Starting with the Moto G6, it's the only phone on pre-order with no set date for availability. If the availability of the other models is anything to go by, the Moto G6 will be available sometime after the end of May. The Moto G6 Plus is listead as availble in 3 weeks, which puts it sometime in the middle of...

Meizu 15 launch event set for April 22

Meizu recently set an official unveiling date for its upcoming Meizu 15 lineup. The new smartphone trio will make its debut on April 22 at the Wuzhen Internet International Conference Center in Wuzhen, China, at 7:30 P.M. The list of new devices includes the regular Meizu 15, as well as its Meizu 15 Lite and Plus siblings. The Meizu 15 will be the company's first release of 2018 and a special flagship, personally designed by founder, Jack Wong. The Meizu 15 promises a marriage of old and new, like a full-metal body, ultra-slim bezels, and a dual-rear camera with a ring flash, while...

Lenovo confirms 3,000mAh battery for Moto Z2 Play

We already know that the successor to the Motorola Moto Z Play is coming. There have also been reports that the device will pack in a smaller battery (3,000mAh) compared to its predecessor (3,510mAh). Now, Lenovo has confirmed that the Moto Z2 Play will indeed come with a 3,000mAh battery. The confirmation came in the form of a reply to a user-query on Twitter. @AnbhuleAnant Hi Anant. Moto Z2 Play has Non-removable Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. Auxen_Lenovo— Lenovo (@lenovo) May 20, 2017 The handset has already been certified by China's TENAA. The listing revealed that the phone is...