Newest Apple AirPods holders suggests an useful and unique solution

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The internet is a vast stage for various quirks. This even extends to the consumer electronics industry, especially in regards to strange however highly practical products. One this kind of quirky items are these fresh Apple AirPods holders, which are assorted from anything you’ve ever used before.
Newest Apple AirPods holders offer an useful and unique solution

Right of the bat, one will very easily realize the purpose the AirBand serves. It is a silicone band that is developed to be mounted on the Apple Watch and it doubles like a simple holder for your AirPods. The mechanism that holds the AirPods alongside is not magnetic however instead a simple solution of 2 loops that wrap about it. These loops are located straight Here the panel on the Apple Watch and are compatible with both AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Newest Apple AirPods holders offer an useful and unique solution 2

Although the design is strange, it offers a lovely special still simple solution. According to the creator of this device, Matt Youngblood, the AirBand serves a distinct purpose whenever the carrying/ charging case that arrives with the AirPods is not at hand. So instead than just carrying them unsecured in your pockets, one could just house them on your wrists for quick and easy open.

Matt even gave out a some examples of its possible usefulness apart from just the lack of a carrying case. Examples include things like going to pay for everything in a store’s counter or working at a cafe and wanting to sit down and focus on the major task at hand. Those would be helpful like one would not have to simply leave it around unsecured or unpair and keep it back in the case.
AirBands attach to the Apple Watch to secure AirPods just Here the display

As of instantly presently, the project for the AirPods holders is presently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter, the popular online crowdfunding web. The goal of the project is set at 10,000 US usd. Matt claims that the device has already been tested and has a company lined up as effectively. He has turned to Kickstarter to receive funding and will begin the large sale handcraft once materials can be bought. The pledge to support this arrives at a minimum of 20 US Usd and will have people receive at least one AirBand, what is expected to start shipping by April 2020.


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