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HTC Exodus 1 unveiled: a phone that runs dApps and is also a hardware wallet

HTC unveiled the its first blockchain-focused phone - the Exodus 1. It's available for pre-order now and is expected to ship out in December. You can only pay for it in crypto-currencies - BTC 0.15 or ETH 4.78 (which is about $960/€830 today, but tomorrow who knows?). What makes this phone special is the Zion crypto wallet that was developed by the company. It uses the security enclave of its Snapdragon 845 chipset to keep your keys hidden from untrusted parts of the OS (Android Oreo) and apps. Zion will turn the HTC Exodus 1 into your hardware cryptocurrency wallet. But what if you...

Google Pixel Hardware Specs and Price

Google has just announced its new high-end smartphones. No nexus, there is a new name! Google Pixel and Pixel XL, respectively 5" and 5.5" (more…)

Moto Z2 Play is already listed by a Brazilian retailer ahead of its unveiling tomorrow

Motorola's upcoming Moto Z2 Play has been leaking a lot lately, and a few days ago one such leak has revealed that it should become official on June 1 (tomorrow), at least in Brazil. In the meantime, Motorola's arm in Canada has teased an announcement for tomorrow too. So it's pretty much a given that the Z2 Play will finally be unveiled in a matter of hours. As usual in these cases, one retailer simply couldn't wait (or got the embargo ending wrong) and has listed the new, still-unannounced handset on its website. This time it's happened in Brazil, which makes sense since that's a big...

Oppo sells more than 180,000 R9 and R9 Plus units during their first day of availability

Oppo has released both the R9 and the R9 Plus in China, and sales during their first day of availability have reportedly gone very well for the company. It turns out that Oppo was able to sell more than 180,000 R9 and R9 Plus smartphones in just one day, making their debut on the Chinese market quite a success. This number has been achieved by having both online and offline sales channels, but Oppo's big marketing campaign surrounding the two devices has clearly helped too. It has used big Chinese celebrities to promote the R9 duo, making a big fuss about the handsets for weeks. (more…)

Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch brings Android Wear 2.0 and a touch of class

From smartWATCH to SMARTwatch - Emporio Armani, the youth-minded branch of the Armani brand, is back with a new watch, this time with all the smarts of Android Wear 2.0. And today we get a preview of the Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatch. The original had no screen or OS. It was more Withings-like - an analog watch with a connected dial that displayed your activity throughout the day (e.g. steps taken). The upcoming model - set to launch September 24 - maintains the classic look with a round screen, a crown and two side buttons. It will have exchangeable watch straps,...