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🔥Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Telecamera Panoramica Domestica IP WiFi

Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Telecamera Panoramica Domestica IP WiFi - BIANCA 26 Link di prodotto ⚡️37%OFF 🔥Xiaomi Mijia 1080P Telecamera Panoramica Domestica IP WiFi 💰Prezzo: 29.29€ ✂️Coupon: CWTDVB10T0666 ☀️Quantita:50pezzi Le caratteristiche: Controllo Pan / Tilt con doppio motore , angolo di visione panoramica a 360 gradi ●Funzione visione notturnaRisoluzione 1080P , scatta video di alta qualità e uniformi ●Audio a due vie , con microfono e altoparlante interni APP "Mi Home" , scaricabile da Google Play o Apple Store ●Antenna separata , segnale wireless forte Supporta Android 4.0 e versioni successive, iOS 7.0 e versioni successive Video recensione:

Galaxy Alpha Limited Edition with custom leather backs in France

Samsung is giving one of its best-looking smartphones ever an attractive makeover in France with the Galaxy Alpha Limited Edition Free Lance Bordeaux. The custom variant comes with four tailor-made leather back covers designed in collaboration with Free Lance and Jean-Baptiste Rautureau (a fashion brand and artist, respectively), of which only 100 units will be produced. That makes the device limited in the truest sense of the word, and each unit will be numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity. (more…)

Nokia confirms US availability for its Android phones

Nokia made a splash at MWC last month where it announced its three Android Smartphones will be launching globally, as well as a reboot of the classic Nokia 3310. Although the term "Global release" can often be vague, it often doesn't guarantee availability for certain markets like the United States. When asked by a Nokia fan on Twitter, Nokia set the record straight on Twitter by confirming that the Android Nokia devices will, indeed, be launching in the US. @QQwill We're planning on a global release so yes they will be. Get the latest updates by registering at—...

Oreo update for Xiaomi Mi A1 suspended again

Android One is supposed to have a better than usual update experience but sometimes things don't go smoothly. Xiaomi has suspended the Oreo update for the Mi A1 for a second time. A new crop of bugs have been discovered and should be patched in the next few days. The most recently released version - build 8.1.10 - fixed a host of bugs but it clearly didn't get them all. EIS isn't enabled yet either. You can check out this thread in the MIUI forum where people are sharing their experience with the Oreo update. Some report issues, which is likely why the rollout was paused yet...

KGI: 2-3 million iPhone X units will be available at launch day

The launch of the iPhone X - November 3 - is only two weeks away and production issues have lead analysts to believe only 2-3 million units will be available at launch. Apple relies on the X performing well as the iPhone 8 duo is seeing weaker sales since many are waiting on Apple's true flagship to arrive. Earlier, the TrueDepth camera was indicated as the source of the troubles, but analyst firm KGI reports this issue has been solved (it was the dot projector that caused headaches). Now two separate PCBs are failing to meet Apple's requirements, which are even more stringent than the...