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Samsung Galaxy S7 to feature a 12MP camera with a type 1/2″ sensor

In an interesting turn of events Samsung might be taking a step back from the megapixel race and equip the Galaxy S7 with a 12MP primary camera. The flipside is that the sensor will have a rather large by phone standards 1/2" size, if the rumor turns out to be true, that is. Previously rumored to come with a 20MP ISOCELL sensor, next year's flagship has also been mentioned in the same sentence with Sony's custom 23-24.8MP imager used in the Xperia Z5 generation. If this new bit of info checks out, however, the S7 might shift its focus towards low-light performance thanks to what has been dubbed dual-PD (dual-photodiode) technology, and obviously larger individual photosites. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 makes an appearance on TENAA

Samsung is preparing its Galaxy Note9 for market launch after it scheduled an unveiling for August 9 in New York. The Korean company has just got a device with model number SM-N9600 approved by TENAA. Specs are yet to be released, but the combination of letters and numbers suggests this is the upcoming phablet's variant for the Chinese market. The listing does not say much, only confirming the trivial detail that the OS will be Android. For now, we only know the S Pen will have Bluetooth support, according to the FCC. A leaked press render suggested the Galaxy Note9 will have...

Samsung updates its VR apps with Galaxy A8 (2018) support

The new Galaxy A8 (2018) and Galaxy A8+ (2018) are the first of the A-series to support Gear VR headsets. This means you no longer have to pay Samsung flagship money to use its VR ecosystem (from videos to games). These two will become available in early January 2018. Both feature 1080p+ screens - Super AMOLED, of course. The A8 screen measures 5.6" in diagonal, the A8+ is 6" (and they have S8's 18.5:9 aspect ratio). You can probably look forward to some Gear VR bundles, the headset and controller currently cost under $100. Source

Apple is once again selling Nokia products

Apple is once again directly selling Nokia products through its online store, and they should be available in its physical retail locations soon too. That's not an error - we're obviously not talking about smartphones here, even though more and more Nokia-branded Android handsets are starting to appear. Apple would definitely never offer those, but it is eager to sell you a Nokia connected health device or two. These products, ranging from scales to thermometers to blood pressure monitors, were formerly Withings-branded. Nokia bought Withings last year and has since renamed all of those...

Apple Pay arrives in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and UAE

Apple Pay has now expanded to Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the United Arab Emirates, as promised earlier this year. The addition of Sweden, Denmark and Finland leaves only Norway from the Scandinavian region to receive Apple Pay. Meanwhile, the UAE becomes the first Middle Eastern nation to support Apple Pay. Now banks and financial institutions in a total of 20 countries support Apple's secure payment system. Naturally Apple is working to further expand Pay's reach. You can check which banks work with Apple Pay here. Source | 2