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Yahoo bloatware is headed to your Samsung Galaxy S9

Your brand-spanking new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ comes with quite a few preinstalled third party applications, but in the near future it will have to handle even more of what we call bloatware. Today Verizon's subsidiary Oath has signed a deal with Samsung to place four of its apps onto each Galaxy S9 and S9+ sold in the US. The apps in question are Oath Newsroom, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, and Go90. If you're wondering what Yahoo's got to do with any of this, well, the brand is now owned by Oath. Oath's aforementioned apps will have native ads inside - that blend in with the...

ZTE Axon M photographed, a foldable phone coming in mid October

October 17 will be a busy day for ZTE's brands - nubia is launching a new device and so is Axon. And there's a good chance that the new Axon M will be the more interesting of the two as it has two screens that fold out to form one big one. ZTE Axon M (Multy) Unlike Samsung's Galaxy X, which will likely use a single flexible screen, ZTE will use two separate panels with 1080p resolution each and (hopefully) a minimal bezel where the two screens meet. Unfolded, the phone - codenamed Axon Multy - will have a 6.8" screen with 2,160 x 1,920px resolution. A large display to be sure,...

Moto Z3 Play with 5G Moto Mod appears in live images

Motorola Moto Z3 Play is arriving on June 6, as we reported on Friday. The phone will be able to work with older Moto Mods, will have "immersive" 6" display and revamped 12 MP dual camera. According to a new leak, courtesy of XDA Developers, the Z3 Play will be able to reach 5G speeds thanks to a new Moto Mod that will debut alongside it. The image shows there is a bit of antenna, peeking out of the top end of the Mod. It is said to enable 1 Gbps speeds on the Z3 Play since Snapdragon 636's X12 modem can reach only 600 Mbps. We sincerely hope this Mod will have practical use in...

Apple iPhone 8 Plus review

In another place and another time, the Apple iPhone 8 Plus would have been one of the hottest things around. Swathed in hype, causing a stir, bringing the free ride of the competition's flagships to an abrupt and painful halt.

New Verizon Galaxy S7/S7 edge update fixes boot and Gear 360 connectivity issues

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on Verizon's network have started receiving a new update. Arriving as software version G930VVRU4BQF2 and G935VVRU4BQF2, the the firmware brings fixes to several issues, including those related to device boot and Gear 360 connectivity. Other issues that have been fixed are related to the Link Sharing app, MMS playback, visual voicemail playback, Google Maps, and VPN. Aside from this, all preloaded Google apps are now accessible in Easy Mode. And finally, there are also some performance improvements to Wi-Fi Calling. Source 1 2 | Via