MUJA, a revolutionary gamepad at CES 2019

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Muja, a revolutionary gamepad at ces 2019

CES hosts some of the largest manufacturers in the world every year and during the show, many future and innovative products and technologies are presented. But CES is Additionally important to smaller companies as well as many of them are beautiful fresh but absence the fame. One of Those companies is Landscape that is recommended by Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. And Presently, they are pushing out their second generation gamepad, MUJA, on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. And they claim its nothing which includes you’ve ever used before.
Muja, a revolutionary gamepad at ces 2019

MUJA is not a conventional gamepad. Traditional gamepads are bulky, from time to time heavy, and most of the times inconvenient to carry about. What’s much more, most of them allow you to only use 2 fingers to control the game which is a bit restrictive as modern games allow for unlimited movement and actions. At some point, numerous handsets overheat whenever playing intensive games enclosed in a gamepad. Handscape MUJA wants to solve all of Those problems with its suction cup design that attaches on the back of the phone, multi-finger support, heat dissipation, Bluetooth connection, etc.

Muja, a revolutionary gamepad at ces 2019

In addition, MUJA supports both iOS and Android smartphones and its built-in 450mAh battery supports continuous 36 hrs play time and 56 hours of standby. To continue, the heat dissipation feature improves the phone’s performance even though gaming by keeping the temperature at an acceptable level. Additionally, the MUJA is touch-enabled and ergonomic so you can use both the gamepad and the screen at the same time to control games. At some point, the innovative stick-on design helps the gamepad to stick tightly on your smartphone and optimize comfort whenever a long period of gaming. According to the manufacturer, there are far more innovations to be unveiled early.

Back in 2015, Landscape launched their 1st gen controlling product for iPhone and iPad however the downside was that it required a different purchase if you wanted to use it on both iPhone and iPad and it worked only on iOS gadgets. The advantage of MUJA is that it could be attached to devices of any size and it now supports Android too.

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