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October 13th, 2016   decode   Android 6, Android 6.1, Xiaomi

mi-alarm-clockToday Xiaomi announced two new device, a power bank and an alarm clock dubbed as the Mi Alarm Clock (curiously enough). The latter comes with a stylish design, and as the manufacturer says, this alarm is the best way to wake up with. Honestly, the traditional alarms are noisy and many of them don’t do their job correctly. This can make the owners be grumpy. So Xiaomi has thought to design an alarm that will wake a person from a deep sleep and help sleeping via playing nice music.In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mi Alarm Clock comes in a cylinder shape and it is made of plastic. Generally, this device has many similarities to the Mi Canon Bluetooth Speaker, but the leather is made of metal and is a bit smaller. The Mi Alarm Clock is also covered with a fabric and sports 12 digital LED lights for hours and 12 LED dots for minutes. One of the most interesting design elements is the big button on the top that can be used for stopping the alarm, setting the time and adjusting the volume. At last, the company has come in with an interesting idea – the alarm shows only the current time.


You have to use the Mi App to set up the Mi Alarm Clock. Thus you can set up alarm times and choose tunes for them. The alarm can also use the tunes stored in your phone, but you will have to leave it paired. This means there should be a good connection option. And there is! The Mi Alarm Clock supports Bluetooth 4.1 capable of working within 10 meters. This connectivity option simply allows you to connect the alarm to a phone, tablet, TVs, laptops and other audio playback devices and use it as a wireless speaker. There is also a 2600mAh battery that is capable to provide up to 8 hours of music playback and 360 hours of standby mode.

Thanks to a quality built the alarm doesn’t rattle or vibrate when playing music even at a high volume. The manufacturer proves it’s possible to implement due to a symmetric passive vibration absorber design. However, the main advantage of the Mi Alarm Clock is the presence of the built-in Tesla-level drive unit.

The Mi Alarm Clock is priced at only 199 yuan ($30), which is a great price tag for such a device.


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