Meizu official apologizes for Meizu 16 delivery delay

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Meizu official apologizes for meizu 16 delivery delay

If you pre-ordered the Meizu 16 (or Meizu 16 Plus) in the official Meizu store, there is a chance you should have received a mail from the manufacturer. The mail is really an official apology in the company.

The apology is for a delay in the delivery of all Meizu 16 (and 16 Plus) orders. According to Meizu, they underestimated the popularity of both phones hence the need to have to delay shipment. The duration of the delay ranges from one week to 4 weeks depending on the model and configuration.

Those who ordered the 6GB RAM + 64GB model of the Meizu 16 in black or white will have to wait an more week. These who ordered the 6GB RAM + 128GB white version will have to wait for an more 2 to 3 weeks.

For those who ordered the white Meizu 16 Plus with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of memory, they have to wait for an extra two to four weeks. Last but not least, orders made for the white Meizu 16 Plus 8GB RAM + 128GB will be delayed by between one to four weeks.

Meizu says these who wish to purchase a refund can apply for one and they will ensure it is paid within two working days.

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