Meizu launches Flyme 7.2 for beta testers released

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Meizu launches flyme 7.2 for beta testers released

If you obtained a recent Meizu smartphone and want to try the pretty latest variant of its running system, you will be glad to have idea that the company has just released the beta variant of the Flyme 7.2. The download will soon be available to users who enrolled in the beta testing phase, however it is not the suitable version for casual use. Meizu also established the set of gadgets which will be soon updated to the fresh firmware.

The beta will be officially out there starting from January 8 for the newest flagships Meizu 16 and 16 Plus as effectively as the budget variant 16X. The Pro 6s and the X8 will instead purchase the improve starting from January 15. In order to receive the improve, users could adhere to the beta testing phase from January 4 to January 8. Currently, Flyme 7.2 is being internally tried by the development team and it has quite a few improvements for the smartphones which will buy it.

There will be a new display to quickly wake up the AI-backed virtual assistant as nicely as a fresh driving mode in order to avoid distraction even though driving. Voice Assistant has been better as well. At last, there are key optimizations in performance and power utilization.

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