meizu hd60 over ear headphones will launch tomorrow with a trendy orange color

Meizu HD60 over-ear headset will launch tomorrow with a trendy Orange colour

Higher than the past several several years, I have used a couple of headset from Meizu. And I can vouch for their quality. Today, Meizu has officially established that the successor to the Meizu HD50 is coming our way tomorrow, dubbed the Meizu HD60. What’s even more interesting is that the over-ear headphones will arrive in a chic orange shade.

Meizu HD60 over-ear headphones will launch tomorrow with a trendy Orange color

The fresh Meizu HD60 headset will ditch the wires and embrace the new-age Bluetooth connection. From the image teased by the company, the fresh headphones appear refined and feature an oval earcup as compared to the HD50’s spherical one. This might indicate that the HD60 will probably have a much better fit, unlike its predecessor. Given that there’s a funky orange shade for the HD60, we could view additional interesting color features like effectively.

Back in 2016, I had the opportunity to review the Meizu HD50, and they were good for the $50 value tag! I was Furthermore using the Meizu TW50 (first-gen) true wireless earbuds for nearly a year (TW50 review here) until I lost them during a trip. Both these headset priced terrific sound top quality for their price tag. So, I’m excited about the HD60 that launches tomorrow. Hopefully, it’ll be inside $100 at release.