MediaTek Future Appears clouded as Chip Shipments Fail to Achieve Projections in Q4, 2018

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Mediatek future appears clouded as chip shipments fail to achieve projections in q4, 2018
Although MediaTek’s recent new mobile chipsets – the Helio P70, Helio P60 – were received nicely in the mobile industry, present data paints a not so rosy picture of the previous months for the cpu maker. As per studies, MediaTek revenues in October really fell by 9.8 percent as in comparison to September, a decrease of 0.84 percent Y-o-Y. In addition, other of 2018, although not being a complete flop, In addition hasn’t earned the company anymore. In fact, revenue was down by a very slight 0.4 percent.

MediaTek’s projection this year was to achieve a targeted 10 percent increase in shipments. Regrettably, even with a improved response to the MediaTek Helio P70 from brands which include Xiaomi and OPPO, the company’s order book still lies at 1 to 110 million chips which is the same as the last quarter of 2018. The existing situation was not helped by the fact that phone shipments shrank in the exact same quarter. It is even compounded by the risk that some of their orders could possibly take canceled up coming year.

On the most hand, Qualcomm’s presence in the mid-range chipset category was augmented with the announcement of the new Sd 7xx series this year what was in competition with the Helio P70. Furthermore, MediaTek’s decision to withdraw from the high-end cpu section has also left the arena open for Qualcomm. This factor will, inevitably, come into play, even additional, when 5G is launched as expectations are that the US-based cpu manufacturer will be the primary supplier even as MediaTek will start mass-producing its own Helio M70 SoC by upcoming month.

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