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Honor 6X vs. ZTE Blade V8 Pro: Dual camera duel

CES brought a couple of new smartphone entries into the US market. Notably, a couple of smartphones, both from Chinese phone makers, in the ultra-value segment (sub-$300). Honor had already announced the Honor 6X a few months before it brought the 6X to the States at the CES announcement.

Google Pixel 3 XL prototype leaks in live images with a notch and chin

Over the past few weeks, we've started seeing more and more rumors about Google's Pixel 3 and 3 XL, smartphones due to be officially introduced at some point in October. The bigger model will have a screen notch, according to past leaks, while the smaller one won't. Coming today to confirm half of that theory are two images depicting a prototype Pixel 3 XL in all its glory, front and back. Here they are for your viewing pleasure (click the thumbnails for higher-res versions). Google Pixel 3 XL prototype The device looks strikingly similar to the Pixel 2 XL from the back, with...

Amazon’s Prime Exclusive phones lose the lock screen ads

Starting tomorrow, Amazon Prime Exclusive Android smartphones will not have lock screen ads and offers anymore. The retailer states that the change is intended to make the user experience better, by letting owners use the increasingly more prevalent fingerprint readers and unlocking features that bypass the lock screen. Additionally, Amazon now wants people to be able to personalize their lock screens with photos and wallpapers. The change will be implemented through an update to the Amazon Offers app. That said, the real reason behind the move probably has something to do with the fact...

Microsoft is considering the Snapdragon 1000 for future AR and VR devices, as well as desktop PCs

Qualcomm has already made its intentions to creep into the x86 PC realm pretty clear. Windows on ARM is already happening, with some devices, like the ASUS "Primus" even in production stages. A newly unearthed Qualcomm job posting, for an engineer now sheds some light on just how serious Microsoft is looking into ARM. Apparently, the Redmond giant is already busy testing Qualcomm chips for a wide range of devices, ranging from the pretty apparent ultra-portables and tablets, all the way to AR and VR and even desktop PC offerings. This development does make a lot of...

Review Mini Android/iOS Endoscope 3.5m

Hi guys, Today i want to introduce you my last gadget - Mini Android Endoscope. Here what I've got for under $10: (more…)