Look new MIUI 9 – Themes, New Lock Display, Split-Screen, Cleared ROM

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MiUI 9 includes everything that we all are eagerly waiting for. We include presently obtained a ton of leaks, screenshots, and rumors When it comes the upcoming huge update to Xiaomi’s UI higher than Android called MiUI. Effectively, so far all the leaked screenshots have unveiled that MiUI v9 includes coming with the split-screen mode, Last but not least. This marks something that we include seen on the stock Android Nougat, and Additionally, this feature incorporates already on Samsung’s TouchWiz for some several years which includes called ‘Multi-Window.’

Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

Also, the next MiUI version is made up of delivering with it 3 new formal themes. Those are named No Boundary, Color Fantasy, and Cool Black. We have presently shared the home screen and lock screen screenshots of these three themes so you can check them Below. From this post, we are likely to get a look at the fresh attributes that are approaching with MiUI 9 and this preview of options is been shared on the official Mi Forum. Moreover, if you want to stay updated about the fresh options on the launch date, tune to Mi Forum on 26th July, 14:00 (GMT+8) as the event will be covered live there.

Therefore yes, we include presently talked about this in our previous post but let’s repeat that again. Here is made up of everything When it comes the three fresh themes (plus the default theme) that are approaching with the next MiUI version

1. Initially THEME

Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

So, the initially theme incorporates called ‘Color Fantasy, ‘ and as the name indicates, this theme has full of colours. There marks with no specific colour that marks the main colour of the theme. It attributes set of minimalistic wallpapers as well as the rounded icons that look clean af. The lock display of all the themes will be exact same unless of course for the wallpapers that are there in every single theme. The ‘Color Fantasy’ theme sports Very and minimal gradient wallpapers that look incredible.


Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

The Second theme is made up of called ‘No Boundary, ‘ and it incorporates a kind of theme for those who need dope looking icons on their home screen. It is no limit of any squarish or round icons and rather has flat and clean icons for every app. The icons are based on the Material design, and if you are a fan of that, you will appreciate the theme. The lock display incorporates the similar as of the previous theme except the fact that the wallpaper incorporates now transformed to a material design wallpaper.


Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

The third theme that has arriving with the MiUI 9 is called ‘Cool Black’ and it is for those who delight in dark themes with dark wallpapers and UI. The theme sports got traditional MiUI style icon design and style however with a bit of retro effect.The lock screen of this theme is default dark wallpaper that along with the dark home screen wallpaper looks remarkable.


Default MiUi 9 theme

Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom


Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

Among the screenshots that flowed out previously, we came to know that with the MiUI 9, the lock screen incorporates getting a new design and style for the lock display shortcuts. As per the formal Forum, individuals who own Mi Gadgets with a selfie fingerprint camera use long press home button function to activate torch as it will unlock their cameraphone.

You can currently open it by swiping to the instantly on your lock screen. Useful and commonly used shortcut: Mi Home, Mi Remote, Mi Pay, Transport Card, and Torch might be accessed in one place as effectively.

SPLIT Display

Look new miui 9 – themes, new lock display, split-screen, cleared rom

How can we ignore the a lot awaited MiUI feature that marks finally arriving with the MiUI v9? Effectively, it’s the Split Screen function that we were waiting for long. Just which includes on Android Nougat, the Split Screen on MiUI v9 will allow running two applications at the exact same period. It incorporates yet an additional name for Samsung’s’ Multi-Window feature that came with stock Android Nougat.

As per the forum – Mi Devices with Android 7.0 and above are confirmed to include split screen feature: Mi6, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2, Mi Max, Mi Max 2, Mi 5, Redmi Note 4X just to name a few. We’ll reveal more info When it comes list of eligible gadgets whenever the release.


Xiaomi rolls out software updates to the China/Global beta ROM weekly on every Friday, and the company calls it Orange Friday. As per the company, with the Beta ROM, users can enjoy new attributes alongside with some major bug fixes. It’s been 340 weeks and yet counting due to the fact Xiaomi includes updating its MiUI ROM. Isn’t that Good?

With the MiUI v9, some options will be removed. As per the forum –

As we added more options from our ROM, the ROM size eventually gets greater and seldom used attributes are left redundant. Consequently, we made a decision to simplify and improve our ROM by removing Child Mode, WiWide (provides public wifi networks to stores and restaurants from China), Contact Card, Showtime (Caller Profile Video) and extra.

This incorporates somewhat true as we all know with every fresh update, we obtain the update package of a bigger size. Now, there won’t be anyone who uses every single fresh function that ships with any update. So, that’s why some features will be removed from MiUI 9 Update.


There are some fresh attributes that Xiaomi will only reveal at the official release and we hope to see something fairly great this time.

So, this was a preview of the Xiaomi’s MiUI 9’s new attributes. Xiaomi has recruiting Beta Testers for the Chinesem MiUI 9 Beta ROM. So, if you are interested, then you can Apply for MIUI 9 Beta Tester here! Let us know what are your views When it comes the new features of MiUI v9. Stay Tuned to XiaomiToday.


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