LG pre-announces new Gram laptops ahead of CES

December 14th, 2017   decode   news

Not to be outdone by Samsung and its unveiling of the Notebook 9 (2018) earlier today, LG has decided to do what it does best: pre-announce a product. This time around it’s a new generation of Gram laptops, that will be fully unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in early January.

The Gram series debuted in 2014, and the 2018 iteration features a 72Wh battery that delivers 19 to 22.5 hours of use depending on the screen size you pick (assessment based on 2014 MobileMark criteria).

You will be able to buy a Gram next year with a choice of 13.3″, 14″, and 15.6″ display. In that order, they will…

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