LG G6+ and 32GB G6 to launch in Korea tomorrow

June 29th, 2017   decode   news

LG will bring the G6+ to its home of South Korea starting tomorrow – June 30. A 32GB variant of the LG G6 will also launch tomorrow, up until now there was only a 64GB model for the Korean market.

Compared to the G6 proper, the G6+ has more storage – 128GB – different color options, B&O headphones in the box and wireless charging support. Naturally these also bring a different price tag.

Korean buyers can get the LG G6+ for 957,000 KRW (~$838/€735/£646) and the 32GB G6 for 819,500 KRW (~$718/€629/£553).

Color-wise the LG G6+ will be available in Optical Astro Black, Optical…

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