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HTC U11 Life launches for SoftBank as the HTC X2

Suspected to be a sequel to the HTC U Play, the HTC X2 is actually an Android One phone for Japanese carrier SoftBank - specifically it's a local version of the U11 Life. As such, it sports a 5.2" 1080p screen and its body is IP67 certified. There's a fingerprint reader/home button below the screen (this design predates HTC's jump to 18:9). The increasingly popular Snapdragon 630 chipset is paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage (there's a microSD slot if you need more). The HTC X2 runs fresh Android 8.0 Oreo, of course, a benefit of Android One. There is a 16MP camera on the...

Nokia 6 (2018) 4GB model India launch set for May 13

The 4GB RAM variant of the Nokia 6 (2018)/Nokia 6.1 is all set for launch in India later this week. Sales will open May 13, with Amazon India being the exclusive retail partner. While there's no confirmation on pricing yet, rumors say the model will set you back around INR 18,999 ($280). For comparison, this is INR 2,000 ($30) more than what the 3GB RAM model costs. Source | Via

Huawei suspected to have stolen Akhan’s Diamond glass tech

Turned out that Akhan Semiconductor had gotten into talks with Huawei about licensing the tech to the smartphone manufacturer. Akhan claims the technology is 6 times stronger and 10 times extra scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass, the industry regular that generates about $3 billion in annual sales for Corning Inc. The company provided Samsung and Huawei with samples of the glass. An soon sample of the Miraj Diamond Glass was shipped to Huawei’s lab in San Diego however there was an agreement that the glass would not be cut into two. This is typical practice to avoid any possibility the the company’s engineers will reverse engineer the glass process if it is cut into two. But, after the glass was returned to Akhan, there were signs the glass had been cut into 2 and some fragments were removed. The US start-up then lodged a formal complaint with FBI and that culminated in the sting operation at CES 2019. The entire operation is documented in Bloomberg’s report which you can find on the source link below. Huawei suspected to have stolen akhan’s diamond glass tech Huawei is not a newbie to this kind of accusation of intellectual property theft. It hs often had this kind of toga hanging on its neck. In 2002, Cisco Systems Inc. accused the company of stealing source code for its routers. Motorola said in a 2010 lawsuit that Huawei had successfully turned few of its Chinese-born employees into informants. And in 2012 the U.S. House Intelligence Committee labelled Huawei a national security threat and urged the government and American businesses not to get its products. Huawei denied all the claims. The Cisco and Motorola lawsuits ended with settlements. The US Department of Justice is moreover suspecting Huawei of stealing protected trade secrets from T-Mobile – these pertaining to its touchscreen experience testing robot Tappy. Source, via

vivo Z3 is official with Snapdragon 670 and Snapdragon 710

vivo introduced the V11 in early September in China, then released the phone as V11 Pro in India. Later the company delivered a slightly cheaper version called V11i everywhere else but had the simple V11 moniker on the Indian market. And when you thought it couldn't get more confusing, the Helio P60-powered unit with a fingerprint scanner on the back appeared as vivo Z3i in China. vivo Z3 All these phones have the same footprint, and now the vivo Z3 joins the family. It is exactly the same in size, including the waterdrop notch, but it comes in two versions - one with...

The US won’t be getting the Honor 9 any time soon

While the Honor 9 isn't spanking new, the Huawei-backed company announced European availability at its press event in Berlin. Unfortunately for the US, though, Honor currently does not have plans to launch the phone in The States. In a statement to Android Central, Eva Wimmers, Vice President of Honor EU/Global noted that a States-side release for the Honor 9 was "not planned at this moment". While that doesn't rule out the phone actually making it here, you can bet it won't be happening for quite some time. Honor 9 Last year, Honor held a press event in San Fransisco, announcing...