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MiniMX TV Box preview

Hi guys, few days ago I received this multimedia device Mini MX. (more…)

Razer Phone gets Android 8.1 Oreo update and becomes available at Best Buy

At the end of March Razer promised that its eponymous smartphone would run Android 8.1 Oreo by the end of April. The company has kept its word with some time to spare. Starting today, the update is available to download and install, following a Developer Preview that was out for a couple of weeks. The rollout is staged and it will take 10 days for the new software to reach all the units that are in the wild. Razer says the update "presents a cleaner visual design and under-the-hood improvements for a better overall experience". It also packs an update for the built-in Nova launcher and...

Motorola Moto G (3rd Gen) handled before announcement

Almost 5 full days left before the scheduled official announcement on July 28, a working Motorola Moto G (3rd gen) unit has fallen into the hands of reviewers, keen to share a first glimpse of the smartphone. Away from the dim surroundings, typical of such pre-release hands-on occasions, this year's Moto G is the star of a proper photoshoot. The initial impressions are of a high-quality device, and the guys from Laptopmedia go so far as to say it has a superior build to contemporary flagships. Now we're not sure if that's the excitement of being the first to publish live images speaking, or indeed the case, but we'd be happy to see better materials and craftsmanship in a device, reportedly costing $245. That said, the predecessor launched at about $180, so for the premium the new generation commands, a bump in quality is warranted. (more…)

First official HTC One M10 teaser image shows chamfered edges

The many rumors which claimed HTC wouldn't unveil the One M10 flagship smartphone at MWC, instead opting for a different special event later on, have been true it turns out. The grand announcement may or may not happen on April 11, as previously rumored. In the meantime, the Taiwanese company has released the first teaser image of the M10. As you can see, we're treated to a view of the upcoming smartphone's edges, which look like they're made out of one metallic piece, with plenty of chamfering going on. (more…)

Galaxy S8+ sees more demand than anticipated, Samsung ups production levels

Samsung's Galaxy S8+ is going to do better, sales-wise, than the company anticipated. This is according to a new report out of South Korea, which cites unnamed industry sources. These claim that the bigger model in the company's flagship duo has received positive early reactions from retailers, which have placed orders for more units than Samsung initially expected them to. Thus, Samsung has upped the production levels for the Galaxy S8+, which will now make up 45% of the total number of S8 units made. The initial plan was to have the split at 60/40, with 60% of the devices being...