Latest Galaxy S6, LG G4 camera shootout keeps the camera king on the throne

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Latest galaxy s6, lg g4 camera shootout keeps the camera king on the throneThe Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have been prized for their cameras, and this still remains true some three months after both devices made their debut onto the world market. Tech enthusiasts like to place competing devices against each other, and market demand continues to show that a stellar camera experience is paramount for tech-savvy consumers.

PhoneArena is known for its blind camera tests, and the site has once again provided another head-to-head blind camera test for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4. In five scenes, with blind votes, its readership voted the Galaxy S6 the winner in 3 out of the 5 scenes represented, with the G4 winning the other 2 scenes and thereby, a close second.

In scene 1, the Galaxy S6 wins easily, with its accurate sky blue representation as opposed to the too-blue sky color of the G4. The orange flowers in the G4 photo for scene 1 are too washed out, while Samsung’s Galaxy S6 keeps the detail and vivid orange color intact. A close-up photo of the flowers shows that, in addition to the washed-out orange color for the orange flowers, the G4 also has a deeper purple than should be the case (meaning the G4 oversaturates at times and undersaturates at times).

In scene 2, users preferred the more true-to-life colors than that of the Galaxy S6 (which oversaturated the photo, apparently). In scene 3, the G4 and the Galaxy S6 do an excellent job of giving accurate colors of flowers from afar, but close-up zooms show that the Galaxy S6 has greater detail and less noise than that of the G4.

In scene 4, both do a decent job at a distance, but close-up zooming shows that the Galaxy S6 nails the intricate details such as the outline of the bricks themselves. Scene 4 belongs to the Galaxy S6. As for scene 5, LG’s f/1.8 aperture is what lets the Korean manufacturer beat out its native rival. You may not know it, but the additional f/0.1 aperture plays a huge role in the differences between photos. Most users voted for the more accurate green grass and night lighting, showing that LG’s G4 may beat Samsung’s Galaxy S6 in low-light situations.

Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is the winner with its balanced and excellent shots in high-light and low-light circumstances. LG’s G4 is good, but its moments of oversaturation (too dark colors) and undersaturation (washed-out colors) show that it’s got some ways to go before it topples the Camera King.

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