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New render of a Galaxy Note8 case shows an expansive top bezel

We already saw the Galaxy Note8 design by a case maker (Olixar)... or we thought we did. Now another case maker (Nillkin) has released renders of its Note8 case and the top bezel seems much bigger. Samsung's Infinite Display design dictates that the sides of the screen are curved, eliminating the bezel almost entirely, and that is still the case. However, the top and bottom bezels shrunk as well now that the fingerprint reader is on the back and the Android keys are on screen. So, did the case maker get it wrong in the render? Or does the Samsung Galaxy Note8 have something extra on...

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) starts getting May security update

A new update has started hitting the Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017). Weighing in at around 155MB and arriving as version A520FXXU1AQE2, it's a security update that brings along Android fixes for the ongoing month (May). No information on exactly what other changes (if any) the update includes. It is currently hitting unblocked units in Europe, but other regions should also get it sooner than later. In case you missed, the Galaxy S7 has also started receiving the May patch. Via

Google Photos now lets Pixel 2 users export Motion Photos as GIFs

Google has updated its Photos service with a new feature: the Photos app now allows Pixel 2 users to export their Motion Photos as GIFs. You can access the new functionality by heading to the three dot menu in the app, tapping the new 'Export' option, and then selecting any of the three available options, including Video, GIF, and Still photo. Keep in mind GIFs produced from Motion Photos are comparatively heavier in size, but of course, they make life easy when it comes to sharing with others. The feature isn't live for everybody yet, although we expect that to happen sooner than...

Xiaomi’s XiaoAI Voice Assistant has above 100 million activations so far

Last year, Xiaomi unveiled its own voice-activated smart assistant named XiaoAI which is not just powering its smartphones however many other products, including smart speakers and smart home products. Today, Xiaomi’s chairman Lei Jun announced through Weibo that Dr. Cui Baoqiu, vice president of artificial intelligence and cloud platform at Xiaomi has revealed that XiaoAI voice assistant has crossed the benchmark of more than 100 million activations. Whereas there are a lot of voice assistants in the Chinese market, XiaoAI is seeing the success mainly since of its deep integration with Xiaomi’s products. In addition, other voice assistants this kind of as Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple‘s Siri are not up-to-the-mark in China because of the language barrier. However, XiaoAI voice assistant from Xiaomi is astonishingly same to Google Assistant. It has the exact same colorful bars that appear whenever you are issuing voice commands. It could play various operations this sort of as access apps, get photographs, translate menus, Look weather reports, among others. Also, due to the fact it is also integrated with the smart home products from Xiaomi, it could In addition be used to switch on the lights, start a vacuum robot, and all sorts of other commands that Google Assistant (also Siri and Alexa) can In addition perform. According to the data revealed by Xiaomi, the company’s smart speaker wakes up above 853,000 people every day with its alarm clock while the 800,000 housework per working day with IoT devices. The manufacturer In addition says that the speaker plays 1354221 hours of music every day in Taiwan. Read also: Smartmi Automobile Air Purifier earlier Xiaomi has been working on IoT products since 2014 and has supported about 2,000 products with a connection to smart gadgets exceeding 132 million. At the AIOT Meeting in November last year, the company had uncovered that XiaoAI had higher than 34 million monthly active users.

Sprint announces Galaxy S8 “two-for-one” offer, begins tomorrow

Today Sprint has unveiled a very interesting "two-for-one" deal for the Samsung Galaxy S8. It's only going to be valid from tomorrow, April 21, and until next Thursday - April 28. So you have one week to basically grab two Galaxy S8 units for the price of one. There are catches, however. First off, we're not calling this a BOGO deal, because that acronym stands for "Buy One, Get One". Only with Sprint's offer, you have to lease the S8 units, not buy them. You'll end up paying $31.25 per month for both handsets, and you can "upgrade to the latest Galaxy device any time after 12 lease...