iPhone XR was the perfect selling phone in the initial half of 2019

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In recent several years, pricing of the top quality flagship offerings from the likes of Apple and Samsung have been climbing up and have crossed the $1,000 mark. Together with the top quality offering, Apple had introduced the iPhone XR last year, keeping the company’s announced price tag point of around $750.

iPhone XR was the best selling smartphone in the first half of 2019

Currently, as claimed by to the report from the market analysts, the shipments of the Apple iPhone XR crossed the 30 million units mark making it the best-selling phone in the initial half of this year.

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Although the iPhone XR certainy isn’t affordable being valued at $749, but, it’s the least high-cost providing in comparison to the additional iPhones unveiled last year — iPhone XS and XS Max. According to the IHS Market, 13.6 million iPhone XR units shipped in the initial quarter and 13.3 million shipped in the second quarter — bringing the total to 26.9 million for the initial half of the year.

The second best-selling phone for the H1 2019 is the Samsung Galaxy A10, which shipped almost half of the units compared to the iPhone XR. Commenting on this, Jusy Hong, Research and Analysis Director said:

“Compared to the Android-based phone makers, Apple maintains a Incredibly compact model lineup. This means that Apple’s total sales number is divided among fewer models. As a result, each of Apple’s iPhone models tends to generate higher shipment numbers than comparable Android smartphones, such as those sold by Samsung.”

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