iPhone SE shipping delays pile on after two months

June 18th, 2016   decode   iOS, iPhone Tags:

Iphone se shipping delays pile on after two monthsOrdered an iPhone SE lately? How lately? Still haven’t gotten it shipped? It’s a likely situation for many customers worldwide as wait times still come to around two weeks — the same ballpark we saw earlier on in the product’s existence.

AppleInsider also reported chatter from factories that Apple had increased its iPhone SE quota by 5 million units for the quarter. This logistics stalemate contrasts with the shipping situation for the Apple Watch: six- to eight- week deliveries became one-week deliveries over a few months.

Analysts expect iPhone SE sales to easily clear above 10 million over the course of the year with a lot of help from Chinese audiences. Some locations do have the phone in stock and you can check online at the Apple Store for that.

Source: AppleInsider
Via: BGR

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