iPhone Sales to decline in India for Q4 2018, to witness initially fall in last 4 several years

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Iphone sales to decline in india for q4 2018, to witness initially fall in last 4 several years
It’s not only around the game, however the global decline in the smartphone shipments is also taking place in India as Apple is bracing itself for its first fall in the fourth quarter this year in India. If we calculate on a year-on-year basis, then the Cupertino giant will decline for the first period in the last four several years. As according to a new reasearch report from Counterpoint, Apple is struggling to make pace despite the ongoing festive season in India.

As per Counterpoint’s research director Neil Shah, the sales are expected to remain between 700000 to 800000 units in comparison to a million last year at the exact same period.

“Sales are set to drop for the first time in 4 years,” Shah said. “If you look at Q3 – it was 900k last year and this (year) is almost 450k.” He further added, “iPhones have gone costlier and the attributes and specs aren’t that compelling. The install base of Android has grown vastly; the fresh customer base (for Apple) is not approaching.”

Apple even blamed the disappointing global sales by pointing towards poor sales this year in the emerging markets. Nicely, the blame game has started, and the companies are terming the global slowdown for the decline in performance this year. Tim Cook pulled few wraps off the problems that company is facing by terming them as “speed bumps along a really long journey.”

While other analysts are talking about Apple’s lost glory as the Cupertino giant is unable to suggests compelling attributes at a high value. People are leaning towards more costlier Android smartphones which have gone to alternative levels.

Overall, the present scenario is not too bad for Apple, and it appears to be the manufacturer needs to reinvent ways to lure consumers. Besides, old iPhone sales remained high means Indian revenue will be flat or will gain a little more than the last year but will close in red (loss).

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