iOS 13.1 will annoyingly notify you if your iPhone 11’s panel is non original

September 28th, 2019   Penny Snow   news

Apple is rolling out iOS 13.1 already but there is a fresh feature it has added that may perhaps become annoying when you difference your panel.

iPhone 11’s screen is fake

A support document posted by Apple says that iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max users will get a notification if they replace their panel with a genuine one.

Apparently, the system will try to verify that the replaced display is a genuine replacement part and after it can’t, it will notify you on the lockscreen for 4 consecutive days. Afterward, it will move the message to the main options menu for an additional 15 days after which it will shift it to Settings > In general > About.

Apple Non-genuine panel warning

The fresh feature only applies to the fresh iPhone 11 series. There is with no mention of previous models having it.

Apple advises that only certified technicians who have completed Apple’s service training and who use Apple genuine parts and tools really should replace displays. Repairs really should In addition be done by Apple, authorized service providers and certified technicians.

Below is a list of problems that Apple says could occur because of to to the installation of a non-genuine screen:

Multi-Touch Issues

Multi-Touch could possibly not respond on parts of the panel
Multi-Touch functionality, this kind of like missed screen touches or touches not registering in the right location
Touches could unexpectedly register during a smartphone call
Screen might not swap off during phone phone calls
Accidental edge or palm touches could possibly register

Screen Brightness and Color Issues

Real Tone screen doesn’t feature correctly
Lost or degraded feature of the ambient light camera, causing the display to dim or brighten incorrectly
Incorrect panel colour calibration, such as the panel to showing up too yellow or blue
Display isn’t uniformly bright
Lower maximum brightness
Unintentional battery drain

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