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Galaxy S8+ users report trouble with wireless charging

After the issue with red tint on some Galaxy S8 units, turned out rather minor, early adopters with of the Galaxy S8+ are faced with another problem. Reportedly, when the phone is placed on Samsung's Wireless Charging Pad, it either charges slowly or does not fill up the battery at all. Some say that they can charge the Galaxy S8+ with a non-Samsung branded pad. Others just get a notification saying the wireless charging has been paused. It's uncertain what percentage of units are affected. Samsung is yet to acknowledge the wireless charging issue. Thanks to everyone who...

India retailer is offering the iPhone SE for as low as INR 19,999

If haven't be keeping taps on Apple's recent dealings in India, there is a lot you may have missed. Last month the US giant officially announced its plans to manufacture and sell iPhones in India. Things quickly developed from there, with Wistron being selected as a primary local manufacturer, a plant in Bangalore being set up, as well as supplier deal to cover the country's mandatory 30% local material quota (you can read more about that in the first article). Then it quickly became clear that Apple plans to initially make and sell iPhone SE units in India, with production expected to...

A lot more curious device to launch tomorrow from Xiaomi

The media has been awash with rumours of Xiaomi phones both from the newly unbundled flagship Mi brand and the Redmi brand. The manufacturer is even expected to announce a fresh Redmi cameraphone tomorrow and quite a few teasers have been launched in that regard. One of the teasers introduced Presently called the unknown gadget “Little King Kong”. The teaser post was reposted by the Mi phone Weibo account and the article appears to suggest that much more than one device tomorrow. The post wasn’t specific When it comes the other product(s) that would be introduced along the Redmi phone what is heading the Redmi Note 7. We can’t even say for Indeed if it is a phone or other smart gadgets. But, a leaked video of a foldable cameraphone said to be from Xiaomi appeared online recently. The phone’s icons are exact same to individuals of Xiaomi’s MIUI but that can’t be authenticated. Thus, it is difficult to say if the foldable smartphone is among the products that Xiaomi will prove off on January 10. There are rumours that the device will be showcased as well on January 10 but that’s nothing but a rumour. It is Furthermore probable that the Chinese tech giant will be uncovering quite a few of its most recent smart gadgets during the event. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to discover out which the other products are. Source: link

Gboard beta comes with email auto-complete, unified search for emoji, stickers, GIFs

Google pushed a new beta of its keyboard app Gboard. Version 7.0.2 comes with the ability to "Search all media" and to autocomplete emails. There are also some design tweaks and rearranged Settings menu. Screengrabs from Gboard beta 7.0.2 Instead of "Universal Media Keyboard", as previously rumored, Gboard 7.0 has Search all media box for all the emojis, stickers and GIFs. Now it is the first tab and features a carousel for swiping through the results of whatever you are looking for. You can search for any particular type of media with the other tabs that are not new in the...

Droid Maxx 2 will be Verizon’s Moto X Play, Google confirms

Verizon still hasn't refreshed its Droid-branded line of exclusive Android devices this year, but that's bound to happen in the next few weeks. Back in August many leaks and rumors claimed that the carrier's upcoming Droid Maxx 2 would be nothing more than a rebranded Moto X Play. In fact, some leaked live images of the Droid Maxx 2 pretty much confirmed that beyond a reasonable doubt. However, in case you somehow still weren't sure of this, Google can help. See, someone at the search giant managed to inadvertently confirm the fact that the Droid Maxx 2 is just a Moto X Play by another name. (more…)