Incipio case lets you use a microSD card with your Galaxy S6 devices

July 20th, 2015   decode   Android, Android 5, Android 5.1, Android M, Samsung, Smartphones

Incipio case lets you use a microsd card with your galaxy s6 devicesMemory should no longer be an issue if you’re a proud owner of a Galaxy S6 or a Galaxy S6 Edge thanks to Incipio. The accessory passes as ‘Offgrid’ and it’s meant to expand your battery life, but as an added bonus it has a microSD slot. Using the slot you can expand your S6 memory by up to an additional 128GB.

We’ve seen some really neat Galaxy S6 accessories since the device was released, but few of them can actually match with the Incipio Offgrid. The case wraps a huge extra battery while protecting your device and also increasing your memory. Picking a case can be pretty difficult for a lot of people with specific goals in mind, but you can’t go wrong with the Incipio Offgrid because it basically covers most functionality of a case: protection, battery and storage.

In addition to all these neat features you’ll find that the Offgrid is quite easy to use. There’s a switch on the bottom side of the case that allows you to switch between charging or storage modes, with the obvious downside being that you can’t access your additional storage while charging. That won’t be an issue to most people when you put the storage into perspective: an 128GB memory card can offer you over 85,000 photos, over 2,000 hours of music and over 60 hours of videos. If you’ve been calling off a potential S6 or S6 purchase due to the lack of a removable battery or a microSD slot then you should totally go for it and get yourself an Incipio Offgrid.

Are you using another case for your Galaxy S6 or your S6 Edge? Let us know which one by leaving a comment.

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