HyperJuice is the world’s first powerbank to support 100W power output

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With new technologies getting released for smartphones these types of as powerful screen, chipsets, communication, and connectivity upgrades, among others, the one thing that hasn’t seen Lots improvement is the battery capacity.


The phone’s battery ability still averages between 3,500mAh and 5,000mAh however the battery charging rate has been increasing with every major cameraphone release. So, power banks remain a vital source of mobile charging on the move.


Today, Hyper has unveiled a new powerbank named HyperJuice which comes with support for 130W power output. It comes with 2 USB Type-C ports, enabling the gadget to charge 2 gadgets at the exactly time.

The company also said that it is the world’s first power bank to come with USB Type-C port supporting above 100W of power output. One Type-C port supports 100W power output even though the additional port supports 60W output.

Apart from phones, the powerbank can also be used to charge any USB Type-C fueled laptop, including the Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. It moreover comes with the usual USB port which supports 18W output.
The powerbank arrives with a 27,000mAh battery, what the company says is abundant to quite charge the Apple MacBook Pro. It is Furthermore claimed to be complying regulations of the airline and is allowed to be carried on airplanes.

The HyperJuice power bank Furthermore supports 100W input and the manufacturer says that the product can be utterly charged in just one hour with the help of the 112W power adopter, which is provided in the package.

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The powerbank, which measures 164.33 x 77.15 x 25 mm and weighs 661g, is made up of an aluminum shell and is out there in two color features — Silver and Deep Gray. It is priced at RMB 1,728 (approximately $250) and is out there for purchase through the company’s official website.

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