Huawei records annual revenue of $100 billion for the initial time

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Huawei records annual revenue of 0 billion for the initial time

Chinese technology giant Huawei has uncovered that its revenue for 2018 has surpassed $100 billion, a first for the manufacturer. This is coming on the heels of disclosure that the company’s priced cameraphone shipments for the year have crossed 200 million units as projected. Individuals results have been attained in the face of heightened global scrutiny of its activities peculiarly by the US government and few of its ally.

Huawei records annual revenue of 0 billion for the initial time

According to Reuters, Guo Ping, the manufacturer rotating chairman during his Fresh year’s address to the company’s employees said that the company’s revenue will hit $109 billion this year, which is a 21% increase from the previous year and it will be the maximum growth rate the manufacturer has recorded in two years. This year 2018 will moreover make it the initially time the company will record $100 billion increase in revenue.

Instantly from 2012, Huawei technology has been purported to be a threat to US National Security, with claims that the company’s telephones and other devices could send confidential information to the Chinese government. With the 5G tech rolling out upcoming year, there are fears that a lot of may make use of the company’s network infrastructure due to the progress the manufacturer has made in that aspect. Far more Therefore, the manufacturer has secured extra than 25 commercial 5G contracts to build the 5G network internationally. Huawei also is the biggest producers of this sort of equipment globally and is Furthermore the second highest ranked telephone producers when Samsung. There were reports last week that US President Donald Trump will sign an executive order next year that will stop US companies from accessing Huawei’s Telecom equipment. With a fast-growing global technology market, US efforts could heading not stifle Huawei’s growth what is largely driven by innovation.

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