Huawei punishes employee that tweeted New year greetings with an iPhone

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Huawei punishes employee that tweeted new year greetings with an iphone

One important attribute that Apple iPhones enjoy instantly from inception is brand loyalty. This has been designed above the years through its top quality designs, delicate software including powerful digital cameras and more. Even though rivals Samsung and Huawei and other OEMs have succeeded in bridging the gap between Apple and the competition in terms of design, software and digital camera output, they haven’t been in a position to command the similar level of brand loyalty Apple enjoys. Curiously, employees and brand ambassadors of both Samsung and Huawei have occasionally been caught using iPhones. Huawei apparently got the highest of such disloyalty recently after the New Year greetings from the company’s formal Twitter account was sent from an iPhone.

Huawei punishes employee that tweeted new year greetings with an iphone

The tweet was immediately deleted but not before it caught the attention of Youtuber Marquee Brownlee. It would be recalled that the same guy was responsible for picking up the tweet after Samsung Nigeria tweeted a promotion for the Galaxy Note 9 from an iPhone. Huawei Malaysia was In addition caught tweeting a Fresh year’s message using the Twitter for iPhone app. Huawei has presently reportedly punished these responsible for the gaff. The person directly responsible will be notified and criticized. Further, the rank of the personnel will be downgraded by 1 level and the monthly salary will be reduced by 5000 yuan (around $727). In addition, the staff’s annual performance assessment will not be higher than B. The personnel will Additionally view his promotion and salary increment froze for 12 months, beginning from January 2, 2019. Apart from the person directly responsible, the supervisor of the digital marketing team was Additionally criticized.

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It is with no news that the top 3 spots in the phone industry are occupied by Samsung, Apple and Huawei. Nevertheless, Apple still remains the most lucrative manufacturer as the common price tag of the iPhone yet surpasses those of Samsung and Huawei as effectively as other OEMs. Thus, the stiff rivalry is fairly Plenty evident as each of the firm tries to outpace the other. Even though Samsung and Huawei close the gap in design and hardware with top quality flagships, it remains to be seen if Android can suggests users what iOS offers iPhone users.

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